League of Legends: the America’s Cup game is played in Chile and before ten thousand people

The gamers and fans of the video game League of Legends, the most popular among PC eSports, will have their heart and breath divided between the north and south of the continent. Today, from 2:00 pm, Kaos Latin Gaming (Chile) and Infinity eSports (Mexico) will compete for the title of champion of Latin America, the last of this format of tournaments.

It is not a football game, but the scenario is good. The Movistar Arena of Santiago de Chile promises to house 10 thousand people willing to live this afternoon the last clash between the champions of both regions before the South Latin American Cup (CLS) – the tournament that includes teams from Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Paraguay and Bolivia- and Liga Latinoamerica Norte (LLN) – Venezuela, Ecuador, Colombia and Central America- merge in a tougher competition in 2019.

Although this will not be the only change in the League of Legends tournaments, the decision by Riot Games to unite both regions is focused on seeking greater competitiveness and a better experience for the audience, assured the eSports Manager of Riot Games Santiago Kegevic to Clarín. Therefore, next season

As it usually happens in this kind of definitions, the event will feature the traditional cosplay championship that distributes cash for the three best that manage to represent the characters of the game with their clothing, and live shows. On this occasion, the singer Nicki Taylor, who played the songs “Heres comes Vi” and “Worlds Collide”, will be present on the stage of Santiago de Chile.

The red rhinos of KLG dominated the South American scene last year, achieving their third consecutive championship and returning to the World League of Legendes (Worlds) after a disappointing performance in China in 2017. This year promises to be different: they showed a great improvement in MSI (Mid Season Invitational, which brings together 14 teams between the end of one season and the beginning of the next) and their current quintet feels that they have consolidated their synergy in the game.

The team based in Chile has a passionate spirit that runs through Tierwulf, its aggressive jungle, on which the success of KLG will largely depend. Another of the outstanding members of this squad, especially his player in the center lane, Plugo, who has extensive international experience at the moment, and can lead his team with his versatile style of play. In addition to the contribution of the Argentines Nicolás “Fix” Sayago and Damián “Nate” Rea.

Infinity eSports
For the first time in their region, there is a new champion in North America: Infinity Esports, a team that will represent their region in the next World Cup. The team based in Mexico already knows what it is to fight for a title by playing three regional finals consecutively, losing the first two against Rainbow7, the emblematic representative of the area.

Over the years, Infinity proved to be an exemplary organization. After a historic victory, they will seek to take advantage of their momentum in Worlds for the first time, led by Arce, their experienced Peruvian star in the support role.

The team has a calculated style, and is likely to shine in the jungle with SolidSnake, as well as in the bot lane with their ADC, Renyu, who quickly became the “rookie of the year” in the region.

On the final of this Saturday at the Movistar Arena, José “Relic” Pombo, who occupies the position of superior in the map of the game, spoke in the previous one of the rival KLG. “It’s a very good team, which we respect a lot, I think a very good series can be extended to 4 or 5 games, we know we can beat them,” he said.

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