FIFA 19: with the appeal of the Champions League, the passion of football is more alive than ever

For many of the Argentine gamers, football games are really a passion, and the FIFA saga (EA Sports) became the title in the last years that best recreates it on the consoles PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC.

For some time, simulators of the most popular sport on the planet in the consoles are something that evolves and that can change drastically from one edition to another. Therefore, FIFA 19 will arrive on September 28 to shops and digital stores with many new features.

Changes and more changes
The first feeling when playing FIFA 19 is that many small details were retouched compared to its predecessor. Football, as usual, does not lose the essence of the saga: it is still fast, but now it is much easier to lose the ball, since there are more variants (fast and strong pass, for example). In the search for greater realism, the dispute over the ball has more struggles, and the quality of gambetear of each player is not the same, as well as the search for spaces.

The flow of the ball is interrupted more than what happened in FIFA 18, but at the same time, there is also a special emphasis on the so-called “active touch system”, that is, new animations to receive the ball, as controls with the chest or the heel. The defense improved in general terms but, at the same time, more spectacular goals of Chilean or volley, for example.

The archery also suffered modifications. Now it is easier to find the players at the time of resuming the game, and it can even be taken out in a more natural way to enable the forwards or generate a quick counterattack situation.

Another new feature is the so-called “exact completion”, a new optional shooting system based on timing. The key is to press the firing button a second time at the precise moment of touching the ball. In case of doing it correctly you can get a shot with the power and ideal placement to beat any goalkeeper, but in case of failure, what looked like a goal can finish in the grandstand. For those who were accustomed to traditional shots, do not worry: FIFA 19 also allows you to finish as usual.

To play with friends
Now we not only enjoy friendlies, tournaments or competitions, but also new and fun challenges were added. Among them we find: Without Rules, games in which there are no faults or games; Survival, where the team that scores a goal is without a player; Headshots and volleys, in which we can only score goals of head and volley; Long Distance, in which the goals within the area are worth one and from outside two; and The First in Mark in which the team that previously reaches a certain number of goals wins.

One of the great changes of FIFA 19 lies in the new modes in Quick Match. This section has a new functionality that allows us to choose a fixed ID, that is, statistics and all of our settings will be stored here, and can then be uploaded to a friend’s console to instantly access all the information in our profile.

Another really useful novelty is the possibility of including an initial handicap to level the matches by modifying the difficulty and the initial result. For example, if you are an experienced FIFA player and want to have a good time with a friend who plays occasionally, the video game allows you to choose the type of artificial intelligence (AI) of the teams or, directly, start losing 3-0 . All variants to achieve more fun matches, even and exciting.

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