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15 telltale signs to know if you’re with the right person

How do you know if you’re facing the right person to marry? Speaker and relationship coach, James Michael Sama, shares his thoughts on the feelings your partner should awaken in you. According to him, these 15 feelings are essential for building a healthy and fulfilling relationship. Discover them below.

1. A sense of peace: This feeling is often overlooked when looking for a partner. For Sama, it’s important to be able to live in a peaceful, quiet environment, where you can simply enjoy each other’s presence.

2. A feeling of gratitude: Mutual gratitude is essential in a relationship. Feeling lucky to have your partner in your life, and knowing that he feels the same gratitude towards you, strengthens the couple’s bond.

3. A feeling of desire: Desire is not limited to the physical realm. It also encompasses the mental, emotional and spiritual part of the relationship. It’s important to differentiate this feeling from the need for dependence, to preserve one’s independence.

4. A feeling of being wanted: Reciprocity of desire is crucial to a fulfilling relationship. Feeling wanted, both physically and spiritually, strengthens the bond between partners.

5. A feeling of being seen: Having someone appreciate you for who you really are, with all your quirks and nuances, is a precious feeling. To be truly seen and loved is a unique proof of love.

6. A feeling of being respected: Respect is a fundamental pillar in a relationship. Your partner must respect your limits, your opinions and your decisions. It’s essential to feel listened to and taken into account in the relationship.

7. A feeling of being heard: Your opinions and perspectives are valuable and valid. Being able to listen and feel listened to by your partner is a sign of equality in the relationship.

8. A sense of inspiration and wonder: Motivating and admiring each other is essential in a relationship. Your partner can be a source of inspiration in achieving your personal goals and improvements.

9. A sense of security: Feeling secure in all aspects of the relationship, both physically, mentally and emotionally, is essential to allowing love to grow freely.

10. A sense of freedom: A relationship requires the surrender of certain freedoms, but it’s just as important to feel free to be yourself, to grow and to pursue your dreams. A relationship based on authority or control is not healthy.

Now that you know the first 10 essential feelings, discover the other 5 by reading the full article on our site. Don’t pass up the opportunity to make sure you’re with the right person to marry.