#JHMF Saturday Selection 2/13/16


Valentine’s Day weekend. You probably have Monday off if you work an office or bank job. All-Star weekend. This is easily a great weekend or has the makings of it. Posts will be coming to a halt until I’m back home Sunday night but there’s plenty on the site to hold you over until then. Here are my favorites from this past week as well.

“When They Hate” -King Tate

Tate comes through with a banger and let’s us know all the reasons why they want to hate on him.


“Young Kids” -Dwight Junior

Dwight is new to the site but he makes the list this week because he’s like all of us: he has a dream that doesn’t consist of 9-5. That’s what “Young Kids” is about.


“Missed Call” -Don DiestrO feat. Casanova

Cali’s Don DiestrO gives us a Dom Kennedy like vibe and something to bump when the weather gets warm on this new single with Casanova.


“Kids Like Me” -Runway Bella

Runway Bella is another new artist to the site making the list for the first time as well. The thing I loved the most about this single was how relatable it was to that of a regular person’s everyday life.


“500 Bars To Glorious Pt 3” -Devine Carama

In the ending of his “500 Bars” trilogy, Carama snaps on mainstream trap beats. He proves he can body any beat you throw at him not only in this series but even on beats he’s not used to flowing on.


“Remain” -Adam Reverie

Westside Rev hits us with a new one and apparently this will be on a gospel album he plans to drop soon. These are some of Rev’s most honest bars to date and that’s saying a lot because he’s no slouch on the lyrics.


“Black Excellence” -James Gardin feat. Jahshua Smith

Michigan artists are on a roll this year and James Gard keeps that a trend. He teams up with Jahshua Smith to celebrate the excellence of African Americans. Smith drops one of the best verses I’ve heard so far this year on the site as well.


“Own Crib” -Marv Mack

The only video to make it this week, Marv Mack hit it out of the park. This 90’s inspired one hooks us up with Marv and his wordplay as he tries to get with this lady because she has her own place. It’s a solid song and video all around


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