#JHMF Saturday Selection 2/20/16


This week has been insane for non-site stuff so it’s been a week of trying to post what I can and keep it moving until the weekend. I’ll be going through most of my emails this weekend but I did find some gems while doing minimal work this week. Here are five of my favorites from the site this week.

“E.N.Y. (SLOWdown Gentrification)” -Roy The Savage

Roy The Savage was new to the site this week but he came with a powerful track. This is a topic I’ve never heard addressed in this manner before so it stood out to me and was a great song overall.


“5 Minutes” -Sy Ari Da Kid

Sy Ari took his music in a different direction with his B4 The Heartbreak project and it was welcomed by me. This video sees him caught up in a mess with the lady he’s seeing and he puts it together in a way that tells a story in the video and song.


“Gucci Umbrella” -YE Ali feat. Lil Aaron & Nessly

YE keeps his run of good tracks going with “Gucci Umbrella” this week. He talks becoming more famous on this with the help of Lil Aaron, Nessly, and production from Jett Dean.


“Listen To Missy” -Gino The Ghost feat. Waldo

Gino hadn’t released music in a while but to come back with this was dope. He gets Sango to flip Missy Elliott’s “Gossip Folks” for the sample and gets a dope verse from Waldo as well.


“Hennessy Lemonade” -G-Scott

G released his new AWILV project on iTunes this week and then put this video out for one of the best singles from it. “Hennessy Lemonade” shows us a night out on the town for G but things don’t go as planned once he gets to his destination. The effects and camera work on this are amazing as well.


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