#JHMF Saturday Selection 3/19/16


Don’t talk to me about March Madness unless it’s the new national anthem by Future. As usual, tons of submissions this week but there weren’t many that I was moved by like I have been the past few weeks. There are still a solid few and they deserve to be talked about even more so I’ll do that below.

“Only We Know” -Devine Carama

Devine Carama is know for his bars and story telling; that’s exactly what he brings to the table on his new record. The Jet Taylor produced song is excellent overall as Carama weaves the story between 2 verses and the ending is crazy.


“Fade Away” -C. Shreve

Shreve made the Saturday Selection for this song a couple weeks back and does it again with the video. We see him rhyming in the mountains with a snowy background, at a show, and at Appalachian State. His upcoming album is going to be awesome.


“Faded” -Keeya

Bahamian artist Keeya was new to the site this week but her song was so great that I couldn’t get it out of my head. “Faded” sees her getting wasted while thinking about her relationship and the beat is mellow enough that you’ll have it stuck in your head and hum it out of nowhere this week.


“Never Let Go” -Jape

Another song that deals with relationships and heartbrak came to us from Canada this week. Jape sings and gives us a verse of him rapping on what appears to be a phone call over the Prezident Jeff produced single.


“OTHERside” -Arys DeJean

The beatflip on this is so good and if you though that Arys was aggressive and lyric in the first 90 seconds? Keep listening. Canada was on fire with the releases this week.




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