#JHMF Saturday Selection 4/9/16


Snow in the midwest? I couldn’t relate. Pretty soon I’ll never have to worry about snow again unless I’m visiting home or on a trip for work so I’m hype for that. After finding housing in Orlando and getting approved, I can finally focus some more on the site so I’ve been doing as many posts as I could this week. Lots of great stuff, as usual, so my favorites are below. Also, thanks to msameriexo JHMF now has a Tumblr! If you fancy that site then go follow us over there right now. 

“Green & Brown” -Tree Thomas

In life you have to look at the good and the bad for every situation. Some times the grass isn’t greener on the other side and that’s exactly what Tree Thomas talked about with this record.


“Ice On It” -Zone 6 Sinister

We all need to stunt, or at least portray that we are after realizing we’re broke from paying all the bills after just getting paid. Zone 6 Sinister gives us a great track to do just that with “Ice On It” this week.


“Bet” -Derin Falana

Need to vent about fake people in your life? You’re not alone. Derin Falana did it this week but made it into a pretty good song.


“Penthouse Mentality” -Trev Rich

Trev Rich came through swinging as hard as the Rockies Trevor Story did this week on this new single. The organs are great backing as Trev flexes his lyrical muscle throughout the Aaron Mac produced cut.


“David & Jason” -Nellz feat. LeftHand

Nellz and LeftHand kick the nostalgia on this one as they trade bars back and forth in the same vein that Jadakiss and Styles P used to on Lox records.


“Ray Donovan” -Nat Anglin

Nat channels his inner Liev Shcreiber for this gritty and in your face loosie. Welcome To Bos Angeles is coming soon.


“Return of the 3rd Coast”- J. Nolan

In honor of Organized Noize, J. Nolan decided to pay homage after watching their documentary. The lyrical ATLien takes Goodie Mob’s “Black Ice” and demolishes it.



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