EP |”Brownsvillain” @YesImDano


Man. Someone has to remind me not to check blog submissions while I am at the 9-5. I was looking through submissions and Brooklyn rapper Danny Boy caught my eye. Danny just released an EP titled Brownsvillain so I loaded it up on Apple Music and pressed play. When the beat on “Collect” hit I knew this would probably be the last day I was employed, because coupled with the crazy production by Will Hendrixs, and Danny’s bombastic flow I wanted to knock everything off my desk and start going crazy. You can find Danny Boy’s music at the Apple link above as well as Spotify, Soundcloud and Tidal. All his socials are below. Look out for a full review of the EP by me soon but in the meanwhile it’s Friday, go whip Brownsvillain at whatever function you’re going to and blow your Uber drivers speakers out. After the jump take a look at the back cover of the EP with the full track-listing.

Where to find Danny Boy:

Twitter: @YesImDano

Instagram: TheRealDannyBoy



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