#JHMF Saturday Selection 4/16/16


The Warriors went 73-9. Kobe dropped 60 in his final hurrah. And now we get the NBA Playoffs starting today. Keep that Pacers/Raptors series away from me and my flat screen television. While you’re taking in the first day of the playoffs, you should also take in some of the best tracks I heard on the site this week. Check them out after the break and if you’re like me and don’t have a dog in the fight, enjoy watching fans suffer in the playoffs.

“Open Letter” -Bishop

Bishop puts it all out there and addresses things in his personal life while putting his kid to work early and getting a feature from him. Also, I finally remembered to include the stream on the site and not like on the original post like an idiot so you can listen to it here finally.


“Little Lady” -The ASA Project

Chicago always brings the heat and it’s no different with this new group I was put onto this week. The ASA Project talk dating in 2016 and how it’s all through social media on “Little Lady”.


“Diamonds & Wood” -Kris Tru

Pretty much any time Kris drops something I’m going to post it here from this album. His Southan Comfort project is great and it drops May 2nd.


“Transmission” -Hadji

Remember when things were much simpler? So does Hadji as the Penn student takes us back to Pokemon and all of the dope things that we had in our childhood.


“En Route” -Palermo Stone feat. Franchise

Palermo Stone creeps closer to his HenDawg Millionaire release date with “En Route”. Franchise destroys his verse and it makes for this track to be one of those ones you play in the car all the time.


“Maybe” remix- Uncle TreY

It’s not often that I’m a fan of an artist tacking on a verse to an original song but this is an exception. Uncle TreY was going through some things and decided that this was the perfect song to take his frustrations out on. It works perfectly.



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