#JHMF Saturday Selection 4/23/16


I’ve been slacking on posts this week. Could be from celebrating my birthday, could be from quitting my job so I can move to Orlando next week. Probably a mix of both really. That doesn’t mean there hasn’t been any good posts this week though, I’ll be catching up this weekend for sure. Until then, enjoy some of my favorites that did make it to the site.

“Summertime Chapi” -Roy The Savage feat. Nomad

It’s a little early for summer but the weather in the south says other wise. Roy The Savage and Nomad give us something that’s definitely going to be on the summer playlist with this one.


“Brain Storm” -A Sky

A Sky had been quiet for a little over a year if not longer before bouncing back with this excellent new one. It’s a mix of his thoughts, the rights and the wrongs of life that flow through his head on a daily basis.


“30,000 Feet Again” -G-Scott

G-Scott takes another flight and this time he was promised to be in the section with the bad chicks with his ticket. He takes another flight, figuratively and on the track, on this self-produced freebie.


“No More” -Mic Capes

The Portland music scene keeps expanding and Mic Capes is a name to add to the list of dope artists from there. This is a song that’s heartfelt and relatable for anyone who has a dream and is trying to make that a reality.


“Stronger” -DeLon

LA’s DeLon does something not many artists are doing now with his “Stronger” video. The video tells a story and is shot in a creative way instead of just rhyming the song in front of the camera. Stories are always good in my book and I hope this one is continued.


“Seasons” -Brooklyn West

Before I got to premiere this I knew it would make this list once it was released. Brooklyn West changed her style and it’s starting to pay off for The Bahamian artist. She serenades her love with this Flacco Beats produced track.


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