#JHMF Saturday Selection 5/14/16


Why are the Raptors so annoying? Why is Chance 3 so fire? Why is a rainbow good? Questions that will probably never be answered for you to kick off your Saturday. This week saw a lot of great posts, an interview with DrewsThatDude, and me beginning to write some reviews again. Expect those in the coming weeks as I finally get settled in to living in sunny Florida. Here are my favorites from this past week:

“Airtight” -Pragmaddix

I loved the song from the jump but it’s the video that made it my favorite. The Pragmaddix duo seemed like they were genuinely having fun with their first video and it brought back a nostalgic feel of non-sensical 90’s videos for some reason. It’s dope.


“The Resistance” -MC Genesis

Often times it’s hard for an artist to open up and be transparent in their music. MC Genesis doesn’t have that issue on “The Resistance”. The Wisconsin native lets us dive deep into his world with the song and the video as well.


“S A T E L L I T E S” -Ivorie

This was my first time hearing Ivorie. I’m impressed with him vocally and lyrically as well. He’s great on this single about love and outer space so I’m looking forward to what he does next.


“Here” -KayCyy

Known as KayCyy Pluto, this US raised Kenyan native hits a home run with “Here”. He can be labeled in that same lane as Tiller and Lanez with this one but he’s not dirty macking at all. This is a great song.


“Do Wit Me” -Breeze Mantana feat. Kadeem King & Qu’ality

Looking for a gritty and in your face record to rap this weekend with a NY sound? Bingo. Breeze links with Kadeem King for a verse and a catchy hook from Qu’ality to make this one a smash.


“New Day” -TruthCity

I was not only entertained by the video, as it’s hilarious and something different than what we usually get at JHMF, but the song is solid as well. TruthCity has my attention after this one.


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