#JHMF Saturday Selection 5/28/16


The unofficial start to summer is here! Pool parties, BBQ’s, and drunken shenanigans will be a factor this weekend. Make sure you stay safe this weekend and make the right decisions. Speaking of which, these songs will help make your trip to the BBQ on point. Here are my favorites from this week:

“Fall Back” -Izzy Strange

I was introduced to Izzy’s music last weekend and I have to say I’m impressed. I got a Bone Thugs vibe from him and he’s full of nostalgic sounds on this single.


“Pure” -CJ Pure

With a hypnotizing beat and some witty bars, what’s not to love about this track from Philly’s CJ Pure.


“All I Really Want” -Baegod feat. Sbvce

I don’t think these two make bad music at all. Baegod and Sbvce give us a track about love that’s seductive and melodic all the way through.


“Bully Pulpit” -John Reilly feat. Rich Quick

We talk about people being bullies in hip-hop but have you heard a song that is about being a bully? John Reilly and Rich Quick have great chemistry on this new one.


“Livstrong” -J. Kwest feat. J-Ivy

This is hands down the best video I’ve seen so far this year. J. Kwest takes us inside of a video game of life with J. Ivy as he tries to avoid temptations along the way. It’s so beautiful.


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