REVIEW | “Southan Comfort” @KrisTru803



“Diamonds & Wood”

“Light Years (We Are Not)” feat. Clay James & Don Gold

“Would You Mind” feat. Texas Verse & Don Meta

“Can I?”

Some of the best music in hip-hop has come from the South. UGK. Outkast. Ludacris. Lil’ Jon & The Eastside Boyz. Young Jeezy. The list keeps going and going. At a point in time people were saying, “the South has something to say”. Now it’s running the rap game. A lot of my favorite music has come from the South so I’m a big fan of these artists. I was born and lived in Indiana my first 26 years of life so you can only imagine me if I grew up in the South. Kris Tru did however grow up in Columbia, SC and his new Southan Comfort album takes elements from all of the greatest artists in the South and blends it together for an outstanding project.

SC is Tru’s second project in a six month span, the first being his debut WTFIKT? in October. The growth from that project to this is outstanding, sounding at times like two separate people. The project opens (and ends) with a prayer to God as Tru hopes the Lord is watching over him during his trials and tribulations during a normal day. The album takes us through a day in the life of Tru as he displays his southern roots 100% every step of the way. “Still Ridin’ Dirty” sounds like it could be a doppelganger of a UGK track with its guitars wailing along with organs. From here Tru can’t ride dirty because his car is a piece of crap and broke down at the beginning of the album. He has to call a friend for a ride at the beginning of “I’m On Mine” while the track itself sounds like something T.I. would have spit on in his “dope boy” days.

While many projects lack replay value SC has more than enough. Tracks like the UGK influenced “Diamonds & Wood” sound amazing sonically even though it’s a song that sees Tru flipping the “cars and DJ Screw” mantra to talk about life and how he’s not being a good enough man to his family and loved ones. The flow of this album is something to marvel at as well as Tru tells stories on the songs but also tells a story of life with the sequencing. One minute he’s not sure if he’s being a good person, the next he’s wanting to fall in love on tracks like “Distance”. While the Martin sound clip has become overused in hip-hop, it’s a tale that many people can relate to when it comes to having a long distance relationship.


This album is stacked with great songs from front to back but it doesn’t hit it’s stride until we get to the Clay James and Don Gold featured “Light Years (We Are Not)”. This song follows Tru’s rap name as he keeps it real and true on this one. Everybody shows love and then those same people will hate, as that’s the focus of the chorus. The features on this one are standout worthy as James and Gold rip it, giving Tru a run for his money. From there we take a trip on “iEightyFive” as Tru gives us nostalgia of Outkast as he’s trying to make a trip to see the lady he may have been talking about on “Distance”. The cohesiveness of the songs weaving in and out is so good. Tru’s sequencing skills are to be applauded on this album. He follows this up with the stellar “Would You Mind?” with Texas Verse and Don Meta as he implores a nice young lady if she would like to get it on. If she’s into southern rappers then she’s definitely not going to mind.


SC ends on a high note as “Can I?” and “Two Notch Blues” are both phenomenal songs,the latter displaying a more personal side than we’ve heard from him all album. Another prayer from Tru wraps things up before we get to the bonus records as he praises God for letting him get through another day with his sanity and allowing him to get ready to conquer another one tomorrow. Between the sequencing, the nostalgia of all of our favorite southern hip-hop artists, and the lyrical content, Kris Tru has made an exceptional album with Southan Comfort. The South Carolina native is one of the hardest working artists out on the indie level right now and this will pay off for him in the coming months. Give this project a full listen because there’s something for every situation on here and it’s just good music overall from a talented young man.


5 out of 5

Purchase Southan Comfort Here


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