#JHMF Saturday Selection 6/4/16


We’re almost half way through the year and there have been a lot of great indie songs released. I hope that trend stays going because I love trying to select the best songs for the end of the year list for the site. This week there’s more greatness from all over the U.S. so lets get to it.

“Built” -Nat Anglin feat. Brandon Tory

While Nat gets ready for his Welcome To BosAngeles project this month,he hits the streets with Brandon Tory and Law to flex his lyrical muscle on “Built”.


“Kels Song” -TRXTH

The island sound is going to be popular for the summer of 2016 and TRXTH gets a jump on it from the indie angle. Featuring Stige, this one is party ready.


“U Get” -Myze

Another song that keeps with the island sound this week, but this one is about love and not partying. Not making his Almost Impossible project, Myze hooked us up with a banger of a loosie.


“Downtown/You Know Wussup” -ILLuminati G feat. Hunnit Andretti

The Cloudcatchers were busy this week with a new record and it’s dope. ILLuminati G and Hunnit Andretti give us something to float to while hitting us with inspiring lyrics at the same time.


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