#JHMF Saturday Selection (On Sunday) 6/12/16


Pray for Orlando. I’ve lived here for six weeks now and I never imagined anything like the events that have happened this weekend would exist in this city. But it goes to show that no matter where you are, there are people who will act on devilish intentions just to hurt others. Be safe where ever you are this weekend and keep those who were hurt in your thoughts and prayers.

“The Lemon EP” -Madd Gifted

The fellas from Pragmaddix team up with Gifted Musik to give us a couple of dope tracks that are intended for summer partying. If you started summer break already, this is going to be your theme music for most of it.


“Gutta” -Noochie

This made Saturday Selection when the single was released but the song is still very good. Now we get a tour of Noochie’s DC area and what inspired the song with the video.


“Bob Marley” -Willy J Peso

Willy has a new project dropping next month and for this weekend he hooked us up with a new single. If you got ’em, smoke ’em.


“Break The Rules” -Latrell James

Latrell James comes through with a home run on production from Flexxington Don. He’s not here for the shenanigans and it shows on this new single.


“R.A. Freestyle” -King Eljay

What happens when you sample a Vine that’s super popular and add some killer production with lyrics? This new track from Alabama’s King Eljay.


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