#JHMF Saturday Selection 6/18/16


Living in Orlando and seeing the events happening this past week is mind-blowing. It hurts to see so many people lose their lives to something that happened in Pulse. My girlfriend and I just listened to the media coverage of it all day Sunday and we wanted to do something to help. We donated money in the form of buying some shirts and she decided she wanted to do more so she created this post of all the places in Orlando doing something for the victims. Check that out here. To see something like that happen, it makes you grateful for all of the things you have in life and not take them for granted. So please if you learn anything from this terrorist attack, just know tomorrow isn’t promised and every day should be treated like your last.

“Still Dreamin” -Wordsmiff

‘Smiff doesn’t let up as he keeps droppin’ bar after bar of heat. The NY artist is going to drop his Still Dreamin project in installments and we got the first two tracks this week. Fuego.


“Everything” -Tony Del Freshco

Look in the mirror and take a real good look at who you are and what you’ve done in life so far. Then reflect on all of the hardships you’ve overcome to get to this point. After that, hit play on this track because you’re going to relate to it.


“Watch It” -See.Francis

See gave me the early listen to this before it dropped this week and my mouth hit the floor. This is one of the better songs I’ve heard this year and I’m so ready for his All We Did Was Us project dropping next month.


“Mad Skills” -Zavey

Zavey shows and proves about his “mad skills” with this release this week. I’ll let him do the talking.


“Bad Things” -Quazelle

Quazelle speaks on alcoholism and sex addiction on this one as he falls victim to both of them throughout the song.



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