AUDIO | “Mama Warned You” @QugoBoss


When you’re growing up it’s your parents job to protect you from bad things. As you get older, you don’t take their advice. Remember that girl/guy that your mom told you about was nothing but trouble and would only bring you heartache? You JUST couldn’t listen, could you? Noooo you had to find out for yourself that they were just an awful human being and didn’t want to treat you how you deserved to be treated. Apparently Qugo Boss is that guy on his new “Mama Warned You” single.

Backed by a clip from Martin, thumping 808, and a haunting sample from producer Swellthy, Qugo gives us a sing/rap flow on the first verse. He knows he’s not Mr. Right or even Mr. Right Now. He’s on his Marshawn Lynch for the night and the young lady he’s with isn’t aware that she won’t be able to change him. The second verse is a stellar feature from Kleos as he continues the “ain’t ish” vibe on Qugo’s second single from his upcoming The Romantic Tape. Give this a listen and see if you fall into any of these categories.


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  1. NoFace, Rapper says:

    Super dope

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