EP | “One Day” @SuperShaqGonzoe


While many people hit me up on a regular basis asking me for a post or to support their music, it’s tough. I say that because I’m just one of MANY blogs out here that post hip-hop music. I have my indie niche and that’s difficult at times because indie artists don’t bring traffic like gossip sites; some don’t even appreciate the posts you do for them. So in reality I’m out here trying to make it just like a lot of the artists that send me music. I listened to SuperShaqGonzoe’s “One Day” intro to this project and it made me put things into perspective: I’m trying to make it One Day just like him.

The Puerto Rican born, Midwest living artist dropped this before Game 7 on Sunday and gave us four new songs. He’s been busy performing at every show he can, hanging with Waka Flocka, and grinding even harder on his music. This EP features the ever popular “Bounce” single from him that was hot a few months ago with it’s crazy ass video. Give him a spin if you’re into uptempo and fun raps with a lot of bass.


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