VIDEO | “Floatin” @rayjr216 @YoungDolph


First off, I have to say congratulations to the city of Cleveland. 52 years is a long ass time to never see a championship for your city. I still have yet to witness a title since I started rooting for my teams so I know the purgatory that my father lives in being a Minnesota Vikings and Baltimore Orioles fan. Riding high off of the Cavs win in the NBA Finals, Ray JR decides to liberate the video for his “Floatin” single.

Ray adds some humor mixed in with the street anthem as the first few seconds are of comedian Lil Duval on the phone. After that the bass drops and we get the song with some more shots and audio of Duval on the phone again later. Ray, for lack of using a pun, floats on this one and allows Memphis’ Young Dolph to hop on with a solid verse as well. Girls, cars, and more are all in the video so you can check it out for yourself.


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