ALBUM | “Welcome To BosAngeles” @NatAnglin


When I was in college the only thing I ever wanted to do was move from my hometown. I had these big dreams of getting on at a hip-hop radio station in Atlanta and just killing it, making money, and having fun. This was of course before I found out radio doesn’t pay crap unless you want to work 24 hours a day. I eventually moved from my hometown and it was exhilarating, scary, nerve-wracking, and 50 other emotions. See, I had never lived away from my family so I didn’t know what was going to happen. It’s all been great though and I’m finally in a place I want to be. I say this because Nat Anglin also knows what it’s like to leave home to chase a dream on Welcome To BosAngeles.

Nat moved from his home of Boston, MA for sunny Los Angeles, CA a little over a year ago. All of those feelings, hardships, and everything that goes into chasing a dream make up the thought process for this album. There are your uptempo tracks that will get you ready to party, such as “Shhh! (Can I)” and “Lock & Key” featuring fellow Massachusetts artist Millyz. Then you have the songs that see Nat open up his soul, such as “Tequila Sunset” and “Waste My Time”. Features come from Millyz, Brandon Tory, and Incredible Chuck while production is handled by Teddy Roxpin, Law, WMS The Sultan, Grime, 75 Crates, Fuego Diego, and more. Purchase it here.


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