AUDIO | “Step It Up” @hefewine @gucci1017


When 2016 is all said and done, Gucci Mane getting out of prison and away from my hometown of Terre Haute, IN is going to be in my Top 10 days of the year. In hip-hop you HAVE to be ready for whatever and have the freshest of the fresh when it comes to money and gear. If not, you’re going to get clowned and have to step up your game ASAP. That’s where we are with Houston’s Hefe Wine today.

“Step It Up” sees Hefe enlisting the Trap God as soon as he gets out of the slammer to talk about stepping things up. The deep baritone cadence from Hefe is hypnotizing while the discombobulated synths mixed with the 808 drums blend elegantly to capture the mood. While Gucci’s verse is short, it’s nice to hear Guwop on the track to offer some flavor and to talk about never going back to jail. Let’s hope Gucci is a changed man and he steps it up for all of us.


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