AUDIO | “Power Moves” @KhiriTheKamikaze

khiri the kamikaze - Power Moves cover art

While I was reading the email description for this record, I was able to relate to it. I’m a white guy from a small city in Indiana. I never had the same problems a lot of people had to go through in life. I had it relatively easy thanks to my parents. But the thing that caught my eye was that this “Power Moves” song was going to be on a mixtape titled Late Bloomer. That’s something I identify with because I’m always behind on everything and have been my entire life. Long Island, NY artist Khiri The Kamikaze returns to tell us about “Power Moves”.

The single is produced by Base Beats and gives off a classic New York vibe to it. The drums and horns just feel like a NY record while Khiri tells us about how he’s on his way to success. Making moves in the industry is difficult enough but to hear all of the things he’s done on this song make it seem like it’s something that anyone can achieve with hard work. Late Bloomer will drop later this year.


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