VIDEO | “Bodies” @PennBannekar @DhnieraBlu @IstillloveHER


So many times it’s hard to get a video from an indie artist to follow up a solid single. I know a lot of it can be attributed to money but sometimes artists just let things slip through the crack. Don’t let that be you. If you have a fire single that’s getting love, make sure you get a video done for it as well. You’re only going to extend the life of the single if you do this. Shouts to Chicago’s Pennjamin Bannekar for doing this with “Bodies”.

The single features vocals from Dhinera Blu while the scathing production sounds like someone dragging a shovel over a cement floor. This adds to the haunting tone of the song as it’s about catching bodies but in a different way. The two give us a track about failed love and never going through it again. Meanwhile the video shows the two giving us a performance in the snow equipped with shovels, masks, and jumpsuits. You know, because they caught bodies. Get Penn’s Paper Plane Pilots project here.



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