VIDEO | “Let Go” @Nomad_Nate @Nick_Cavs

NoMad - Let Go

I told my girlfriend not too long ago that I don’t envy anyone who has to be in the dating scene now days. There’s so much drama that goes into it that it feels like it’s a job all in itself just to find someone you can spend your time with. If you’re single, just have some fun right now. Especially if you’re young like Nomad.

Nomad is a 23 year old Dominican born, Bushwick, Brooklyn raised rapper/singer that doesn’t want to end up with any hoes. That’s the premise for his “Let Go” video and single. We see Nomad with a lady by his side almost the entire time but he’s also pondering if she’s the right one or just the one for the night. Produced by Nick Cavs, this one will make you think about love and if you’re in the right situation right now. Watch the seductive new one and decide for yourself.


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  1. Josh says:

    This is dope

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