AUDIO | “Pinkboi/Thottie” @IHateYouSheed


Fun lyrics and a catchy beat have taken over hip-hop. If you can have a good time and there’s a beat that the audience can nod to then you’ll more than likely have some success with your single. Philadelphia’s IHYSheed returns with a double single with his “Pinkboi/Thottie” track and it has both of these elements.

The double track is produced by Lord Fubu who gives us a trance inducing bounce on both tracks. “Pink Boi” starts with Sheed bragging about himself as he knows he’s the man. We get bars about “your Woman Crush Wednesday” on here so it let’s you know he’s just having some fun clowning around. He messes up the vibe, cursing at the end of the track before leading into “Thottie”. This one sees Sheed needing to get it on for the night and hoping that that the young lady doesn’t want anything more than a sexual relationship. Both tracks are catchy thanks in part to Fubu’s production and Sheed’s flow/lyrics.


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