#JHMF Saturday Selection 6/25/16


This week I decided that the site needed a change. I was getting frustrated trying to post so much lately because I wanted to support as many people as I could. The return rate wasn’t great with doing this and it felt like I was wasting time doing so many posts. I decided to do what I love the most: write about the music instead of just posting it. So as you’ll see, there won’t be as many posts each day but you’ll actually learn about the artists that are posted and what their songs sound like instead of a short, brief description. I want JHMF to stand out for the writing and support and that can only happen if I actually write about the music. So that’s what’s happening from now on. Of course these are my favorites from the week and there’s not much more I can say about them that hasn’t already been said. Check them out for yourself.

“Mama Warned You” -Qugo Boss feat. Kleos

Remember that guy that your mom warned you about as a kid? That’s Qugo and Kleos on this bass thumping R&B single.


“Shine” -TwonDon

We needed one of those songs to hit the beach to with the first official weekend of summer here. TwonDon doesn’t disappoint at all with “Shine”


“Born Stunna” -Kadeem King feat. Ma$e

When you can get Pastor Betha AND Cool & Dre for your track? That’s a win itself. Kadeem King shows out on this one or “stunts” if you will.


“Drive Me Crazy” -No Face, Rapper

Just in time for the weekend. If you’re heading to the club of the stripping variety, No Face, Rapper has a tale for you on this new catchy single.


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