REMIX | “Same Ol’ Mistakes” @JayVerze @KentonDunson


Twitter LIED to me when they told me Rihanna’s album wasn’t fire. That album rides almost from front to back. It took me a while to decide on my favorite track from there because at first it was “Kiss It Better” then a couple weeks later it was “Needed Me”. Finally I settled on the Tame Impala cover of “Same Ol’ Mistakes”. Also shouts to Donald Glover for using the original in the promos for his upcoming Atlanta series. Today we get some bars over it from Maryland MC Jay Verze along with Dunson.

Verze and Dunson both tell riveting stories as this track sees it’s third wind. The production continues to be hypnotic and you’ll lose yourself inside the lyrics from the two in each verse. Verze opts to talk about not being able to grow up, aiming the bars at people in his city while Dunson gives wordplay talking about relationships. It’s a stellar effort especially for two rappers to try their hands at this song that was originally a rock song, then a R&B song for Rihanna.


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