VIDEO | “Ain’t Nobody Know” @iamfortunato


The first time you do something, around people you don’t know especially, can be a nervous experience. In hip-hop when you’re a white artist it’s hard to get attention and even hard for people to take you seriously. You’re not apart of the culture to most, you’re an outsider who’s looking to make a buck off of something you’ve never struggled to try and do. While that can be said, we all go through struggles and many of us don’t know the struggles of the other person. That is until they’re put into songs like Toronto’s Fortunato did for “Ain’t Nobody Know”.

The song is produced by Sean One and Fortunato documents the first time he ever went on stage to perform at a show. He tackles that subject while also sharing something important: nothing matters when you’re gone so enjoy the small things in life. He mentions his family and his music as things he loves in this track while the video has him rhyming the song with both weird and inspiring clips interchanged throughout. His Blue Collar EP is available on iTunes.



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