VIDEO | “Bloomberg” @YesImDano @SB_BameraMan


Artists have been putting on for their hood and their city for years. Everyone wants to be the next to blow from their city or be the first one to blow up from there. Rarely do we get a look around of their hometown in video format. It always makes me wonder what their city looks like sometimes. Like I only know what New York looks like from videos since I’ve never been there before. That and I always see my NY followers tweeting about how the MTA is the absolute worst. Brooklyn’s Danny Boy takes us around his Brownsville neighborhood in this video for “Bloomberg”.

The song is from his BROWNSVILLAIN project that dropped a few months ago and the video fits the vibe of the song. In the track he takes is on a lyrical tour of the city but the video follows him around as he walks, chops it up with some people he knows, and rhymes some of his song while listening to it in his earbuds. Danny doesn’t disappoint on the record either. He debuted it via Twitter so this is now an option for indie artists to do instead of only uploading to Youtube.




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