ALBUM | “After Midnight” @LyfeHarris


They say that nothing good ever happens after midnight. Or if you’re a fan of How I Met Your Mother, nothing good happens after 2am. That’s a lie. Think about all of the good times you’ve had and how many of them have come during the wee hours of the morning. Hmph, bunch of liars. Singer/songwriter Lyfe Harris continues his mysterious ways and drops his new After Midnight project out of thin air over the weekend. You can definitely have some fun after midnight to this album.

Lyfe is known for an ambient and foggy type of sound from his previous projects. He comes through with that on After Midnight and has some new friends he’s been working with in the likes of A.B., Struct, Batmanonthebeatz, Flip, Daniel Worthy, DZY, and more. If you’re feeling lusty, hung up on an ex, or just want to zone out and relax with some new stuff, Lyfe can provide that soundtrack for you with After Midnight.



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