AUDIO | “Legend” @KrisTru803


Southern hip-hop is some of the best hip-hop you’ll hear. There’s funky bass, there’s aggressive lyrics, the accents, and it’s just fun. There’s a fun vibe you can hear from any Southern artist that you’ve listened to. Everyone from UGK to Outkast and more have made music fun to listen to. While there are only a few legends in the hip-hop community, South Carolina’s Kris Tru is hoping to make his mark as one with his latest release.

Tru released the stellar Southan Comfort album last month but keeps things moving forward with this loose single. The production is brash and funky all at once as Tru stakes his claim to doing legendary things already while on the path to becoming immortal in the music industry. The chorus is catchy as he calls out the people not talking about anything on their songs and those who floss with fake stuff too. He’s going to drop another single next week so check this out and enjoy what he’s cooking right now because it’s good.


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