AUDIO | “First Love” @Swa_Playmaker @itsTope


Everyone remembers their first love. Some people fell in love with a thing before a person in many cases. I remember my first love was basketball. That’s all I ever wanted to do was play basketball as a kid. I lived it, breathed it, and loved it as a kid. While my love for basketball as a kid isn’t the same as it is today, it’s still cool to sit back and think about those times. Miami’s Swa Playmaker has a first love and reminisces about it, but it’s a bit different than mine.

“First Love” is produced by TOPE and it reminds me of a Dipset song from the early 2000’s. The production has a sped up sample hemming the melody while Swa talks about handling his gun and recalling the times he had to use it in the past. He speaks elegantly about it, almost like the gun is a person. This serves as the second single from Swa & TOPE’s upcoming joint project.


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