VIDEO | “Summertime Chapi” @RoyTheSavage @Nomad_Nate @CoopaTroop

RoyTheSavage ENY

I don’t think there’s a better weekend during the summer than the one that leads up to the 4th of July. I have a BUNCH of great memories from hanging with my family out at my cousin’s house. Sometimes we even had better firework showcases than my own city and that’s saying something. Probably one of the best things about this upcoming weekend is either A) getting to hit the beach or B) being lazy and watching Twilight Zone all weekend. If you opt for choice A then you need to take a trip with Roy The Savage and Nomad as they have a lot of fun at the beach on “Summertime Chapi”.

When this song dropped earlier this year I knew it would be something fun for the summer time. While the vibe doesn’t change on the track, we get to see Roy and Nomad in action. They take us to a beach with some ladies running around while also showing us some normal shots in the New York area. Turn this one up as loud as you can while you’re cruising to the beach. Or if you’re like me and just going to stay in all night watching Twilight Zone, listen to it in between episodes.


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