#JHMF Saturday Selection 7/2/16


Summer is never official until July 4th weekend. Family BBQ’s, fireworks, someone’s drunk uncle yelling at everyone; ah, good times! If you’re working on your craft at some point this weekend, make sure you check out my Periscope talking about how to better utilize Twitter to making connections here. If you’re not working on your craft and want to find some great stuff posted this week, dig in below with my favorites. Also, don’t pull a Jason Pierre-Paul this weekend.

“The Origin” -60 East feat. Sly Boogy & BLU 

This is one of those songs that you just throw on and cruise around the city to. Hop on the expressway and blast this one from 60, Sly, & BLU.


“Welcome Home Freestyle” -Gee$

Coming back from a stint has to be hard but also has to be very rewarding. VA’s Gee$ drops bar after bar of heat on his homecoming track this week.


“S E R P E N T S” -Fredd C

Lexington, KY’s Fredd C tells us his story of coming up without much and dodging the fake people along the way with this one.


“Summertime Chapi” -Roy The Savage feat. Nomad

I called this being one of the tracks of the summer when I first heard it a couple months ago. Roy and Nomad have great chemistry and they also made this video a fun watch as well. Add this to your July 4th playlist right now.


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