ALBUM | “he[art]” @NolanTheNinja


In 2016 it’s easy to make music. You hook up your mic to a laptop, record into whatever program you have, mix it down, and post to Soundcloud. Literally anyone can make music and that’s a scary thing. That’s where you get so many artists that sound alike because there’s no originality; everyone is satisfied with sounding the same to blow up. Detroit is different in this aspect as every artist I’ve heard from the city sounds different. Nolan The Ninja is a special case as he sounds like he’s been pulled straight out of 1995 with his analog sound and his aggressive/gritty tone.

Nolan is an artist/producer that caught my attention a while back after he sent some music to the inbox. He’s interesting because he’s so different than what everyone else sounds like not only on a mainstream level but in his own city. I rock with Detroit heavily (shouts to Adam Reverie, Cloudcatchers, Ant P, Acapella, Gino The Ghost, Jahshua Smith, James Gardin, and more) but his sound is one that stands out becuase it reminds you so much of the 90’s era of hip-hop. Nolan dropped his latest album he[art] this week and it’s full of his notable sound. Nolan speaks on struggling, crime, prosperity, and more throughout the 12 tracks on the album (the vinyl has 16 if you want to purchase).


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