VIDEO | “Changes” @MrTruthCity @BoardinOgilvie

TruthCity - Changes

NYC is the home to so many great up and coming artists. I’ve been introduced to a bunch via Twitter and through the website. I believe that these artists are going to be the future of the hip-hop scene up there and they all show appreciation to each other. It’s a beautiful thing to see so many indie artists respect and show love to each other when there are so many areas that aren’t like that. While he’s not in the same circles I know of, TruthCity is a name you need to keep an eye on right now.

Truth hits us with a motivational track that shows us his progress from the past three years. Shot by Upcoming Hip-Hop head man Matt O, this video has clips from Truth over the course of his career while the verses are of him currently. He tells us about his nights of sleeping in the back of restaurants while just moving to NYC because of wanting to make it so bad. It’s cool to see how much he has progressed as an artist over the last few years as well. Get inspired.


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