VIDEO | “Tell Me More” @IAmJTek


Hip-hop is the best genre of music in my opinion. I’ve grown up on hip-hop, discovering it on my own in middle school, and I can’t think of a better genre of music. While I’ve come to appreciate rock and pop music for what they are, lyrical storytelling over a sick beat has always been my favorite thing to listen to. Maryland artist J. Tek gets back to those roots with this fan made video for his new “Tell Me More” single.

The video for this song is done in the classic sense of hip-hop: sampling. There are clips from classic hip-hop videos being shown throughout as J pines for you to “tell him more” about the women you have and the money you’re going to blow. Of course he’s be facetious about all of this. He’s against the superficial lifestyle on this one as it has a smooth and jazzy backed track for him to tell his story.


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