All Lives Matter Is Bullshit


I’m fed up. Every day I look on Twitter or CNN and there’s a new story about a black person being killed by the police. I’m not just fed up now, but when it happened with Trayvon too. And Mike Brown. And Eric Garner. And Sandra Bland. And the list keeps going. There needs to be a conversation with the people who say “all lives matter” to explain to them WHY it’s bothersome and offensive. That conversation falls on deaf ears on social media because it’s easy to just see words and ignore them, like many people will with this post.

How can ALL lives matter when people the same color as my friends, nieces, and nephew get gunned down for selling CD’s at a gas station or choked to death for selling loose cigarettes? How can ALL lives matter when a black man who SAYS he has a gun in the car, and has a permit to carry it, goes for his ID and gets shot? The problem is that all lives don’t matter and it’s evident. Kanye said, “racism still alive, they just be concealing it” on College Dropout back in 2004. I thought this was a clever line at 16 but the older I got, the more I thought about that line every time I saw racial injustice. White people (my people) live in this fantasy world that Abraham Lincoln freed the slaves with the Emancipation Proclamation and think that everything has been peaches and cream ever since. We’re taught this “white savior” thing about Lincoln throughout school and it’s like Stockholm syndrome. We think that it’s so true because we’ve learned it for so long when it’s all a lie.
White people live in a world where we DON’T have to worry about being killed for walking to get some Skittles. A police officer stopping us doesn’t make us fear for our lives and seeing a cop in public doesn’t make us nervous. We’re taught that the police are there to “protect and serve”. That should come with an asterisk because we’re the only ones they’re protecting. I hate knowing that one day I can wake up and see my best friend’s name on the tv or as a hashtag because of his skin color. I hate worrying about my nieces growing up without a father and my other friend’s children as well.
You can’t tell me that all lives matter when I’ve seen racial profiling first hand just trying to get in a bar with my friends at SXSW. You can’t tell me that all lives matter when a white kid gets off for rape with 6 months while a black man would be doing hard time. The system wasn’t built for black people, it was built to put them away if they get out of line. How many black people who were busted for selling marijuana are still doing jail time while it’s now legal in some states and white people are profiting off of it? THIS is why your “all lives matter” comment is offensive. THIS is why people get mad at you for not wanting to listen to this conversation. It’s OK to be wrong; just don’t be wrong and get mad about it. Be wrong and get educated on WHY it’s offensive. Get educated on how you can help. Get educated on what YOU can do to change the same thinking you had that others still have.
I’m upset. I’m tired of seeing this happen every day. I had been living in Orlando for six weeks when the Pulse nightclub shooting happened. It was beautiful to see the city come together for those families time of need. But when a black person is shot and killed, no one in the white community speaks up. No one says that it’s a tragedy because we’re exposed to it every day and have become desensitized to it. But people will say this Dallas shooting is a tragedy and jump right up to support and help. I’m not saying it’s NOT a tragedy but why is this labeled one when the past two days innocent black men have been killed by the police and nothing has been done about it?
The last decade or so I’ve learned that white people don’t have culture. We steal things from other cultures when they’re popular and make them our own. I’ve been wrong about this though: white culture IS in fact stealing from blacks while not caring about them. We steal everything from black culture for our own benefit but when they’re dying because of us we turn a blind eye. I’m so sick of it. I leave you with John Stewart’s epic “Race/Off” monologue from “The Daily Show” just a couple of years ago.

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