#JHMF Saturday Selection 7/9/16


This week has been brutal. First we had the murder of Alton Sterling in Louisiana on Tuesday night. Then Wednesday night Philando Castile we killed while pulling out his ID after informing the police officer he had a permit to carry a gun. Then Thursday night the Dallas situation. I’m sure you’re exhausted if you’re black in America right now and you have every right to be exhausted. It’s nonsense that you have to be though. I penned some stuff yesterday if you care to read. Let’s get onto a lighter note with some of my favorites from the site this week.

“Lockjaw (remix)” -Bishop & MeRCY

I’m usually not a big fan of remixes of popular songs but Bishop & MeRCY come through with some heat on this remake to French Montana’s & Kodak Black’s bubbling song.


“Tropicana” -Immerze

When you’re not on, people don’t care about your music. The minute you make moves? Everyone says they’ve been down. Follow Immerze on his trip as he reflects on this.


“Changes” -TruthCity 

If you’ve been doing something for a while you should be getting better at it. We see the evolution of TruthCity in this “Changes” video and it’s not bad at all.


“Dirty Couch” -Five Steez

You want something gritty and 90’s sounding? Five Steez hooks it up. He told me they actually have a dirty couch in their studio. Look at them holding true to their word.


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