AUDIO | “Premonition” @Mallz


My mom used to tell me that she would get bad feelings every now and then when I was younger. I just thought it was her being crazy but some of the time she was right. Something bad would happen and she would say something about having a “premonition”. The older I get though, the more I think premonition is something that people experience occasionally. It’s God’s way of saying, “look you better not go do this stuff because something’s about to happen”. Whether you choose to listen to it or not is up to you. Mallz talks about this on his new single, aptly titled “Premonition”.

The Raleigh, NC spitter teams up with G.I.C. for this boom-bap sounding track that has Mallz seeing into the future. Mallz tells us a story about seeing his success like a premonition while spitting lyrical daggers throughout the two minute track. He’s never been one to slouch when it comes to lyrics and proves why he’s one of the best you’ll hear on the indie circuit. Look for this on his upcoming Subject To Change album later this year.


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