AUDIO | “Used 2 Be Numba 10” @AbsoTheGreat @Shortman_Score


This week has taken a toll on so many people, me included. The killing of innocent black men just doesn’t stop and it’s exhausting to see it every day. I can only imagine being black and feeling that anguish and pain. It hurts to see this happening and many artists are putting those emotions into their music . Ab$o The Great does that with Shortman Score on this new single.

On “Used 2 Be Numba 10” the two spit bars and get inspired about black culture. Ab$o mentions feeling like Sincere from Belly and the thought of moving back to Africa on the hook while also addressing white people stealing black culture and using it for their own profit and benefit while hating black people. The ODD Music Group produced track can be used as a motivational  record to learn and educate others on what’s happening right now and why “all lives matter” is incorrect.


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