VIDEO | @K1ngEljay Performs at Flow Fest 2

KingEljay_CLVRFLD II (Artwork #2)

Seeing your friends prosper is such a great thing. Seeing them having fun while doing it is even better. There are so many artists that don’t have stage presence or rhyme over their vocal tracks and it’s shame. I was SO HYPE to see Young Thug at Fader Fort the last time I went to SXSW and left disappointed because he did three songs and rhymed over his vocals the entire time. That’s why I appreciate people who rhyme over the beat when they perform like King Eljay.

The Alabama native had the chance to perform some of his tracks live this weekend at Flow Fest 2 and he rocked it. He had the crowd hype, getting involved, and he proved to them that he can in fact rap. There’s a mixture of his songs that he performed at the event for you to watch and judge for yourself below.


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