AUDIO | “ANTIsocialite” @JustHustle_BX


Living in the social media age has proven to be a double-edged sword. While you can meet plenty of your friends and even people you want to date based on the internet, there are also downsides to it. There are plenty of artists that only do things based on popular trends and try to take advantage of that aspect of social media. Bronx artist JU$TIN is here to kill that with his new “ANTIsocialite” record.

The self-produced record sees JU$TIN addressing the trend of people who ONLY do things to become popular on social media. Becoming a “viral star” is something so many people dream of becoming now because they think they’ll get rich and famous off of it. While that may be true, the money dries up and fame is a hell of a drug to get addicted to. Just look at the Chewbacca Mom. Talent will always trump social media likes and that’s what JU$TIN is looking to dispel with this record.


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