AUDIO | “B R O T H A S” @YoungDerf


When you travel to a new area and go back home it puts perspective on where you live. You begin to see the things you didn’t see before. Maybe your area has no opportunity and you finally see it. Maybe your music scene isn’t very good or isn’t as supportive as it should be. Sometimes a trip to a city that has these things makes you resent where you stay at and that can be a good and bad thing. Fredd C gives us a story about this on his new “B R O T H A S” record.

The Lexington, KY native teams with Cory D for the second single from their upcoming Nov’ 92 joint EP. Backed by an off-kilter track, sounding like a mixture of old flapper girl music and hip-hop, Fredd talks about losing friends and only having “brothas” as opposed to having friends. Fredd shows off some singing with this one towards the end as well for an overall catchy and great track.


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