AUDIO | “Mr. Nothing” @Tonio2Timez @IAmTheFatz


The Indianapolis music scene is one that I’ll hold close to my heart for my entire blogging and career in the music industry. I came up in college radio giving many Indianapolis artists’ some shine on the airwaves and transferred that to the site once that began in early 2010. Bug$y is one of the first artists I remember playing and posting about on the site. He’s been quiet as of late but has returned with an EP titled BLOW and this new single.

Produced by The Fatz, the sample pulls at your heart strings on the chorus. Bug$ talks about life, changing for the better, and people changing around him as well. Sometimes people need a chance to reminisce and think about their life; that song makes you think about those times. It makes you remember who you were and who you’ve become. It makes you remember the struggle and wanting a dream so bad that you barely slept until you got it. Give it a spin and take a trip down memory lane.


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