VIDEO | “Change” @RealDirtyQ


Chang is a hard concept for people to grasp. It can be tough going through change and you may get depressed or sad thinking about having to leave something you love (or someone), all the good times you’ve had that you have to trade for a 9-5, or even just adjusting to loss. Change is difficult but change is also good. Meet Pomona, CA’s DeQuince who has a whole song and video about this very subject.

I like this track for two reasons: I have been going through my email for 10 minutes and found nothing but unoriginal songs and videos (or non-professional emails). The second reason is the song is jazzy and flows so nicely with the video. We see DeQuince performing this song in various areas of his neighborhood. He’s lyrical and it sounds so great with the production of this one. Nobody likes change, DeQuince even admits it, but it’s inevitable to avoid.


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