VIDEO | “My Business” @CurtissKing

Screenshot 2016-07-15 at 10.19.45 PM

As an aspiring artist, producer, blogger, or whatever it is that you do, your business is EVERYTHING. You have to be on top of things like this or else it will fall through the cracks. Business is booming as of late for California artist/producer Curtiss King and he likes to share the wealth with his YouTube videos. Today he’s back with some new music for everyone with Oh Gosh Leotus for the nosy people on “My Business”.

King addresses the ones who want to know too much on the chorus. The video takes place in a barbershop that King cuts hair at. It’s prefaced with him running late and everyone at the shop pondering why he hasn’t showed up yet. Of course they’re cracking jokes about him until he shows up, citing that he was “handling business” upon arrival. He talks not sharing on and even wanting to delete social media because of how nosy people can be and it’s a catchy track with the production. Check it out below.


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