#JHMF Saturday Selection 7/16/16


How many more weeks until football? I miss there being something on in the background sports related while I’m typing up these posts every day. This week I managed to get my inbox down to a reasonable number and finessed my way to more money with less work at the day job. Watch out Kodak Black, someone is coming for that finesse crown that you have. Less talk, more music, I know. Here are my favorites from this week.

“No Lie” -Marv Mack

It’s so hard to find an artist with a creative video now days. Thankfully Marv Mack doesn’t fall into that category. “No Lie” is fun, unique, and he can rap his ass off as well.


“The Emancipation” -Adam Reverie

Adam is one of my favorite indie artists. He brings something fresh to hip-hop in an age where people all want to sound the same and copy. He doesn’t cuss in his music anymore and you’ll hear about his change in life on this record. Look for his Soul Ties EP next month.


“In Demand” -Joey Burbs

Joey took some time off after the release of his first project last year. In that time he went through anxiety, wondering if he was good enough, and mulled over some decisions he had made in the past. From all of that, this record came and it’s a great one.


“Garden” -Melvin Burch

This song reminded me so much of a Toro Y Moi song that I’v been listening to Anything In Return since I heard it this week. Melvin Burch bares his tormented soul of love with this one and it’s funky.


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