AUDIO | “Lift Off” @MrKinetik


When an artist you like starts to experiment with new sounds it can make you uneasy. I remember I was a big Kid Cudi fan before he started messing with his sound; I haven’t listened to one song in about five years because of it. You also have artists that know how to make the transition seamlessly and not sound like they’re forcing it. When I clicked play on this new track from Mr. Kinetik I didn’t know what to expect. What I got was a 10 minute delight.

Kinetik DJ’s a lot in the Indianapolis area but he has relaxed at releasing new music like he used to. It’s nice to hear that he’s been in the lab working on some new stuff because he’s a talented artist and one that the Indy hip-hop scene needs. He used to talk about a place called “Planet Lovetron” when he released music; this song sounds like if you took a spaceship to this planet and were exploring it. The sounds and vibe on this one are incredible and it shows he’s been taking his time with this new experiment. Relax and take off to this one.


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