PODCAST | @TripleHQ Founder @Awesomenezz Joins @OnTheMapMusic


I’m going to take time to feel sorry for all of the people on my side of the industry. Being a writer/blogger/journalist is tough. Artists want you to listen to their music and then when you post it, they don’t want to share it. Most play Pokemon with blog posts, trying to get them all just to have them. You’re a “hater” if you don’t play someone’s music. A lot of writers don’t get the recognition that they deserve and it’s a shame. It’s a reason why indie blogs don’t see more success. One site that caters to indies is TripleHQ (Hip-Hop Headquarters) and I can co-sign Amanda Miles as a great person.

Anytime I’ve had some music I wanted to get on a site, TripleHQ was one of the first one’s I hit after I was introduced to Amanda from the HHBU group a couple years back. Amanda hops on the “No Rhyme Or Reason” podcast with Joe & TJ Wordplay to talk networking, how TripleHQ was born, how she became a publicist, and a whole lot more. You can subscribe on iTunes or Google Play to check it out or click the link below.

No Rhyme or Reason with Amanda Miles


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